7 Resources For Birth Mothers in Canada

You are considering the possibility of placing your child for adoption, and you are a bit lost. Adoption is not an easy decision for birth mothers, but if you feel it is the right choice for you and your child, then you are going need some support. In Canada, there are a wealth of resources out there to help you along your journey. The resources will point you towards people that will help support you. Being a birth mother isn’t an easy job, and it is definitely best to travel this road with others who will support you. Have a look at these resources and find others who can walk with you. It’s important that you don’t do this alone.

  1. Adoption council of Canada – This a great place to turn to as it will let you know what your rights are as a potential birth mother. They also have peer to peer support to walk with you during the placement of your child.
  2. Birth mothers of Canada – Is an amazing resource. They celebrate birth mothers! They will help you navigate open adoptions and even help adoptive families by taking away any fears or stigmas they have around birth mothers so that birth mothers can be a part of their children’s lives whenever possible. They even celebrate Birth Mother’s Day!
  3. BirthMom Buds – This is an organization that supports birth moms. They have a really interesting program where they pair up two birth moms. Their hope is that birth moms can find a friend who is going through a similar situation, and together they can support one another.
  4. Canada Adopts – Is a resource for birth moms if you are looking for a family to adopt your child. There are many family profiles on this site.
  5. Adoption in Canada – Is a resource that shares different stories of Birth moms and adoptees about their adoption experience. It also gives a birth mother practical information on steps to take if you are interested in adoption. This resource also gives you a list of places you can go to get more information or help with your adoption decision based on the province and city that you live in or near. 
  6. Pregnancy Care Centre – There are many local pregnancy care centres. If you contact your local pregnancy care centre you will receive help in finding a good adoption counselor who will work with you. Your adoption counselor can also help you find the right adoption agency or a licensed adoption worker who will help you with all the legal aspects of an adoption.
  7. Origins Canada – Is an organization that provides information regarding a birth mother’s rights and seeks to help reunite families that were separated by adoption.

These are some of the resources available to birth mothers in Canada. As a birth mom, you have chosen the most selfless act for your child. You are hoping to provide them with something that you feel you can’t provide for them, thus putting your child’s needs first. You are beautiful. You are selfless. You are the most amazing mother ever! I hope that these resources will be a source of comfort for you in your journey through motherhood.